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Once upon a time...
26 November 1967
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I'm a 40-something, divorced woman, raising a special-needs kid on my own. I struggle with weight and self-image issues, as well as depression and anxiety. I'm a full-time student, hoping to get back to being a productive member of society again someday.

This journal started out as a way to interact with fandom, and I don't see that changing anytime soon; fandom as an activity and a community are what keep me sane when real life gets a little too real and a little too lively. So there will be squeeing about sexy guys doing sexy things to each other, as well as television shows I watch, movies I've seen, books I've read.

That said, there's also personal stuff in here. The aforementioned issues, my posts on raising a teenaged (special needs) boy virtually by myself, stuff about my extended family.That stuff generally gets locked down and/or filtered.

I like to share things I feel are important, or sound interesting, so there'll be links and media, fiction, pictures, you name it.

This journal is heavily pro-GLBTQ. I write homoerotic stories. I try very hard to keep an open mind and judge solely on what a person says, rather than their gender/race/religion/sexual orientation, though I will freely admit that I tend toward an anti!straight-male bias. Hopefully someday I'll temper that and/or get past it. I'm also very pro-women, pro-choice and liberal. If that's a problem for you, please don't stick around.

I don't have a "friending policy" as such, but if you appear out of nowhere and never say a word, chances are unlikely that I'll friend back. If you're lurking just for the fanfic, that's cool -- lurk away :)

Anyway, this is me: mother, daughter, niece, aunt, friend. Just someone trying to figure out who I am, and where I fit in, in this crazy thing we call life.

Love is love, plain and simple.

Show you give a damn for equality!

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